Why Is a Haunted Couch For Sale in Middletown?
It says take at your own risk right on the sign. The Hudson Valley is home to many haunted houses, dolls and even graveyards, but I've got to admit that a haunted couch is a new one. I'd understand a rocking chair, even. Why is this spooky couch and love seat haunted? Who wants to buy it?
Show Us Your Hudson Valley Wood For Woodstock Museum Passes
A simple picture of a tree right here in the Hudson Valley could get you a pair of tickets to the Woodstock Museum at Bethel Woods.
As natives here in the Hudson Valley, I think we forget how cool it is to be so close to the birth place to one of the biggest and most influential music festivals in h…
An Art Museum in Your Back Yard
I love going to museums. Specifically, I like the stuff that makes me scratch my head and try to figure out what the heck is going on. So my first trip to Dia: Beacon was awesome.