There is a Disguisting Food Museum that has opened this week in California, but we had the question of "if one of these were to open here in the Hudson Valley, where should it be?"

This particular museum will be open for just a few weeks in Los Angeles and here are a few of the items, via press release, that will be available to check out:

  • Frog smoothies from Peru
  • Maggot cheese from Sardinia
  • The notoriously smelly fruit, the Durian, from Thailand
  • Surströmming, the infamous putrid sea herring dish from Sweden
  • Mouse Wine, drowned baby mice in rice wine from China

So, now that you have an idea about what types of 'food' are going to be featured, where should this go? Do you think people would head to this place if it were in Middletown? Newburgh? Kingston?

Let us know where in the Hudson Valley that you think this 'museum' should be. Keep in mind, this could bring in tourism business from around the tri-state area? Tell us where in the comment section below.

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