Are you a dog person? Do you think that their are people who are dog people and those who just do not want to have anything to do with dogs. I happen to be a dog person. In fact, as I write this, my dog is asleep next to me, sleeping as if he just worked a 12 hour day, when I know the most exercise he has gotten was running from the vacuum earlier today.

There is a museum dedicated to The American Kennel Club and to our canine friends. The museum will open on February 8, 2019 and will be located at 101 Park Ave, NYC near Grand Central Station.

Not only will the museum house the largest collection of canine art (and we aren't just talking about dogs playing poker) but it will also have a library where people can learn about their favorite breeds. Also in the museum will be multiple digital interactive exhibits for kids and for adults.

According to a press release, there will also be an app for kids which 'children can interact with the exhibits with "Arty" a virtual dog/tour guide throughout the Museum.'

The museum was originally founded in 1982 and will help to focus on education and preservation of the animals and their culture. For more info

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