We will finally be able to get back together with family again this holiday season. Some of us have been able to see family members over the last 2 years but those big family gatherings of the past have been few and far between for most of us.

Jack Hollingsworth

In this world of digital everything, we are lucky we can share time over the internet in person and in still photos. I am dating myself for saying this, but growing up I was in the generation of taking the picture and waiting for the pictures, and I mean wait. There was no such thing as taking pictures at an event and then seeing them the next day.

If you saw your event photos the next day, it was because of one of two things. First, you had used up the whole roll of film. You always had to take all 24 or 36 pictures - no one ever wasted film. Number two was that you lived by a 24-hour photo mat.

This holiday season, take lots of photos of family and friends. Be Sure to tag everyone in the picture so years down the road when people look back at it, they know who was there. The other thing you can do is drag out the old photo albums and look at the non-digital pictures. If there are photos without captions or writing on the back, be sure to ask if someone in the room can fill in the blanks.

What should you do with old photos?

  1. Talk to family and friends and get accurate information about the people and places in the pictures. Make sure to write down what you learn.
  2. Make digital copies of all the photos with your newfound information. So many family stories get lost because no one documents the photos. Artcraft Photoworks can help.
  3. Share them with family and friends. Someday someone is going to ask about that photo and the more people who know the story the more the story captured in that photo will live on.

Talking and looking at old photos will family is a great way to spend the holiday. Skip the politics and just tell old family tales instead.

Do you have any of this stuff?

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