Tattoo's on Friday the 13th have been going hand in hand for years. Why? Most people fear Friday the 13th, Triskaidekaphobia but not tattoo artists. In fact according to one website a tattoo of the number '13' is considered to be a lucky symbol. This has morphed into shops offering special deals on Friday the 13th. Most of the tattoos that are offered comes from the category called "Flash." These are smaller pieces that might only have one or two colors. Keep in mind that most places are not taking appointments for 10/13/17. Also try to pay in cash. Your tattoo or piercing artist is giving you a break on the normal costs. Don't make them have to turn around and pay credit card processing fees on top of the great deal that they just gave you. Lastly, tip. Make sure to tip. These artists are providing you a service one that they are genuinely talented and are thrilled to do. Show them how much you love their work in their tip.

  • Queen City Tattoo: $39 custom flash tattoos, Full color included.
    $20 basic piercings, you must have a valid ID, Maximum of two tattoos and two piercings per person. No appointments first come first served.
  • The Shop - Custom Tattoo Studio, Port Jervis
    $13 to $60 flash tattoo deals. Starting at noon until the last person leaves. Walk-ins only.
  • Sub Q Tattoo, Main St, Middletown.
    $31 Flash Tattoo Specials. Limited designs. Doors open at noon. Sign up list is cut off at 7pm. First come first serve.
  • Art In Soul Tattoo & Piercing Studio, New Paltz
    $40 Flash Tattoos, $10 off any piercing. First come, first served. Doors open at noon.
  • Black Cherry Tattoo Studios, 1097 Route 55 in Lagrangeville
    Select designs, $13 set up fee, $13 Tattoo, $13 tip, equals $39. Noon to 9pm. First come first served.
  • Winky Dink Inc, East Erie St, Blauvelt
    Limited designs. First tattoo $13+$7 tip, second one $13. Limit two.
  • No Man’s Land Tattoos and Piercings,
    $39 tattoos and piercings, Noon to 10pm. Cash Only. First come first served.
  • Graceland Tattoo's Main Street in Wappingers, a person submitted this shop, but I did not see specials on their FB page or website. Call them. Ask.
  • Ink Incorporated Tattooing, Kingston, a person submitted this shop, but I did not see specials on their FB page or website. Call them. Ask.

The above shops are mentioned above, because I asked for submissions of peoples favorite shops that were offering promotions for Friday the 13th. If I missed your shop, my apologies. And to those who are getting new ink or piercings on Friday, feel free to email or text photos of your new piece after you get it done!