Most of us looked for ways to get out of going to school as kids, but I doubt any of us took it this far.

According to the Genesee County Sheriff's Department, a group of fourth graders decided the only reasonable way of getting out of their "mean" teacher's class was... you guessed it! By murdering her with hand sanitizer.

Three students, all girls, are accused of planning to put hand sanitizer on different items the teacher would touch. That teacher is highly allergic to hand sanitizer, and police say the students knew this would hurt the teacher.


I, for one, had no idea that one could be deathly allergic to hand sanitizer, but I suppose that's not the biggest concern within this story:

One of the mothers said after learning about the plan, she contacted the school. Another set of parents said they knew about it as well, but did not tell anyone.


Didn't tell anyone, huh? "Oh, my Marcy is so cute. You wouldn't believe what she's been up to lately. She sold the most thin mints out of anyone in her Girl Scout troop, she's doing very well in figure skating, and you should see how efficiently she plots a murder."

And they say kids today are lazy and unimaginative.

Here's the local news broadcast.