We're doing everything we can to keep our frontline employees' spirits high.

Here at The Wolf, we're trying to feed as many frontline families as we can and celebrate our Nurses during Nurses appreciation week (you can still nominate your frontline worker, just head on over to Feeding Frontline Families).

But sometimes all it takes is a simple "Thank You."

A few people got together in Ulster County to do just that.

Patrick Maloney shared on his Facebook page a picture of a sign him and a few of his coworkers made in the Saugerties area near the Cantine Veterans Memorial Complex.


Maloney adds that you should read the message from the bottom to the top. It reads "Thank you Healthcare and Essential Heroes."

We say it all the time, but just to reinforce our point, THANK YOU ESSENTIAL WORKERS! We appreciate everything you do and thank you for keeping us safe.

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