On Wednesday evening I was in the studio doing some work, and there was a rare 20 minute period that I actually put my phone away to focus on what I was doing.  I glanced down just after 6pm and noticed like 12 missed calls from my husband, along with a text showing the back end of his car...

Crap, this can't be good, at all.

I called him back immediately, and found out he was in a fender bender on Rt. 9 south in Poughkeepsie, right near Locust Grove, with our daughter in the car.  Someone apparently stopped short causing a chain reaction of cars rear-ending one another, and my husband's car was hit.

Thankfully, he and my daughter walked away with no injuries, just a little shook up, naturally.

He couldn't say enough good things about the first responders on scene.  The police were wonderful in caring for my daughter while my husband took care of insurance and registration information, paramedics checked her out on the scene, and the police even inspected her car-seat for any damage and gave us advice for moving forward.

It's scary to think about an accident in general, but when you have a little one in the car, it brings things to the next level.

Thank you, first responders in Poughkeepsie, for showing my family such great care and compassion during a scary time - this anxious mom is really appreciative of what you do!