Today marks a historic milestone as state and federal officials, alongside key stakeholders, celebrated the signing of a monumental $6.88 billion funding agreement for the Hudson Tunnel Project. This transformative initiative aims to enhance rail connectivity between New York and New Jersey, ensuring resilience and efficiency for decades to come.


Enhancing Infrastructure for the Future

Originally constructed in 1910 and severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy, the Hudson Tunnels are in dire need of rehabilitation and modernization. The Hudson Tunnel Project, will build two additional tracks and rehabilitate the existing two tracks, resulting in four modern tracks between New York and New Jersey that create operational flexibility, rail network redundancy and resiliency against future impacts to the Hudson River rail crossing.

Economic Boost and Job Creation

Governor Kathy Hochul emphasized the substantial economic benefits of the project, projecting $20 billion in regional economic impact and the creation of 95,000 jobs. This infusion of employment opportunities promises to stimulate local economies, empowering families with increased disposable income for spending on essentials like entertainment, dining, and education.

Fostering Collaboration and Partnership

Central to the project's success has been bipartisan cooperation and partnership between states. Governor Hochul highlighted the challenges and victories of bi-state collaboration, recognizing the dedication of public servants and federal allies who propelled the project forward.


Presidential Commitment to Infrastructure

Governor Hochul credited President Biden for his unwavering support of infrastructure investments, securing vital federal backing for the project. With advocacy from leaders like Majority Leader Schumer, the initiative navigated complex political landscapes to secure critical funding.

Celebrating a Milestone in History

The Hudson Tunnel Project symbolizes resilience and innovation, showcasing what can be achieved through visionary leadership and robust partnerships. As the project progresses, it promises to strengthen transportation networks, bolster economic growth, and ensure a brighter future for the region.

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