Find your favorite stargazing spot and look up. Tonight the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year will shine over the Hudson Valley and the world. reports that today, Wednesday, July 13th, at 5 AM the moon arrived at "its closest point to the Earth for 2022: a perigee distance of 221,994 miles." Then, 9 hours after, the moon reaches the closes point to earth, at 2:38 PM the moon will be full. Fun fact, right? But what does that mean for tonight's moon viewing?

The supermoon, also known as The Full Buck Moon, will appear 14% larger and be the biggest supermoon of 2022. However, says many of us viewing the July 13th supermoon will be under a moon illusion which makes us think the moon likes bigger and brighter than normal because we're aware that it's considered a supermoon.

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Either way, the moon will look full and bigger tonight and according to NASA don't worry about missing the moon tonight. NASA explains "The Moon will appear full for about three days around this time, from early Tuesday morning through early Friday morning."

With that being said, AccuWeather states that after the next supermoon in August, we will not see another supermoon until Sept. 18, 2024.

July's Full Buck Moon got its name the Almanac explains:

 the antlers of male deer (bucks) are in full-growth mode at this time. Bucks shed and regrow their antlers each year, producing a larger and more impressive set as the years go by.

Get out tonight and check out one of the last supermoons of the year! Let's hope the weather is on our side.

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