With gas prices going up, you have to do what you can to save at the pump.

I don't know about you but I'm always mad about the price of gas. Even when it was just above $1 last spring, I'm mad about it. Why? Because no matter what the price is I have to buy it! I drive to get literally anywhere, which means I need gas. So no matter the price, I have to buy it. I got my license when gas was $4 and I REFUSE to go back to that time in my life.

So now, throughout the Hudson Valley, and the country, gas prices are on the rise. And my cheap side is beginning to show. I think I may have found the cheapest gas in the Hudson Valley. Now, please know this is based completely on my opinion and the small diameter I travel in the Hudson Valley. But from what I've seen in Orange, Dutchess, and Ulster County, a small town in Ulster County has the cheapest gas in the Hudson Valley.

On Route 9W in Port Ewen, there are a couple of gas stations. One of them, in my opinion, has the cheapest gas in the Hudson Valley. The Gulf Station at 162 Broadway, Port Ewen, NY 12466 has the cheapest gas in the area. On Monday, May 17, 2021, I saw gas for $2.88 a gallon for regular fuel. Stupid me didn't fill up when I was driving by and had to fill up in Poughkeepsie. The next day, Tuesday, May 18, 2021, I paid $3.05 per gallon of regular fuel.

Try not to tell everyone my secret.

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