Well, look at this. Is this the future of residential construction? The nation's first ever three dimensional printed home is up for sale, and you don't have to go too terribly far outside of the Hudson Valley to take a look at it. United Press International is reporting that the state-of-the-art residence just went on the market in Riverhead. Zillow lists the home as 1,400 square-feet, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, plus a two car garage that's not connected to the house. Thinking about buying your first home?

The asking price? $299,999. Well, it's New York. Even the 3D homes cost and arm and a leg around here. However, the listing says that's about 50% cheaper than other homes for sale in that area. UPI says the house was built by a company called SQ4D. The home was put together by a 3D printer, using an "autonomous robotic construction system". SQ4D hopes the Long Island home will be the first of many, in an effort to bring down the cost of home ownership in the future.

This company uses robots to build the foundations, walls, utility conduits, and cuts construction times and uses far less energy. Now, if you're thinking that this brand new 3D home is going to fall apart like a bunch of matchsticks around you, the company that constructed it has a message. SQ4D describes the home's durability.

Built with concrete, this home will deliver strength and durability that conventional wood-frame construction cannot match.

Ready to check it out? Honestly, it looks a bit bland from the outside. But that's not to say this three dimensional hut could benefit from a little tender loving care. Of course, the bad news is this that while this method may be more cost efficient, it also would cut out many construction jobs if it ever catches on. Are robots bound to take all our jobs someday?

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