I love Christmas. I really do. It's probably my favorite time of year. You know what I don't love? Having to set up Christmas. It is the source of constant struggle. Families have been torn asunder, never to be repaired because of it. And it always, always comes back to the tree.

One of the biggest questions any family has to ask themselves as they're preparing for Christmas is, "Do we get a real tree or a fake tree?" This may seem like an easy decision, but is absolutely is not. Take a random poll of people you know, I guarantee that about half will go for the real tree and the other half will go for the fake. And both halves make a pretty strong argument.

A real tree feels more like Christmas - you get that pine smell, you get to make it a big family activity by going out to pick one, etc. But they can be a nightmare to set up and bring into the house, and you've got to constantly look after it and make sure it doesn't fall over and catch fire. A fake tree can be easier to set up, but you'll have to assemble it yourself - and if it's a big one, that can be its own pain. Plus, you have to store it somewhere, which means once a year you have to try to remember where you put it and dig it out of your garage, buried behind that one grill you never used and a box of clothes you meant to donate back in 1987.

I've done both the real and fake tree, and I go back and forth on it, but I think I would vote fake tree - but a small one, maybe like 6 feet. Honestly, Charlie Brown had the right idea in his Christmas special: just get a small one. It is so much easier, and you can always make it look better with the decorations you borrow from your dog's doghouse.

Where do you stand on the real vs fake tree debate?