It's about to be Memorial Day Weekend...

So you know what that means? People from New York City are about to invade the Hudson Valley. Oh, I mean citidiots. You know, the people from Manhattan that drive up in their BMWs but don't know what a turn signal is. The people from Brooklyn that seem to think they control Beacon too. Or maybe it's the family from Westchester that spend 90% of their time in New York City but feel they have a claim to Dutchess County because Westchester is technically the Hudson Valley.

No matter who it is, you know exactly what a citidiot is. As someone who lives in the Hudson Valley, and I mean Poughkeepsie, not Scarsdale, it drives me nuts when people from NYC take over the region. It's always on a holiday weekend. Beacon, Kingston, Hudson, and New Paltz are some of the major hot spots for New York City-folk to invade. You can spot their kid's designer clothes from a mile away.

The biggest thing that frustrates me with people from New York City coming to the Hudson Valley is the amount of trash they leave. I don't get it? You shouldn't litter in the City and you definitely shouldn't litter in the Hudson Valley.

So this Memorial Day Weekend, as you see the 10th SUV without a turn signal, remember they'll only be here for a few more days. Then they'll return home, leaving chaos and trash behind them, as they prepare to come up for Fourth of July weekend.

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