With so many picturesque locations in the Hudson Valley, it's no wonder hundreds of thousands of photos have been uploaded to social media. The folks at Kingston Creative have compiled a list of the Hudson Valley's 51 most 'Instagrammed' locations.

In order for the photo to count, it had to meet several criteria. The photo could not have been taken by the organization themselves as that would clearly skew results. The location must have been geo-tagged on the site as well.

Here's a look at the top five, for the full list of photo friendly locations, link up with Kingston Creative.

  1. Dia:Beacon - A world class museum just a few minutes walk from the Beacon train station. They offer free admission for Beacon residents on the weekends and community free days to residents of local counties. Dia:Beacon had more than 11,000 photos taken there in the last year.
  2. Storm King Art Center - Considered one of the worlds leading sculpture parks, there are more than 100 sculputures laid out over 500 acres. There were 6,400 photos geotagged there.
  3. Hunter Mountain - When you think about all the people that decend upon Hunter for Mountain Jam and Taste of Country, along with Tap NY and all the other great events, I expected them to be higher. 5,200 photos were geotagged on the mountain.
  4. Mohonk Mountain House - Built in the 1870's it's been a popular destiantion for many years. If they had Instagram way back then, we expect they'd be taking pictures of it too. More than 5,000 photos taken here.
  5. SUNY New Paltz - With so many Instagram users under 35, it's no wonder the next few on the list are schools. SUNY New Paltz leads the charge with just over 5,000 photos taken.