This New York brewery names all of their beer after guitars and guitar gods. And they happen to make some of the most unique and delicious beer around.

I'm incredibly excited about this week's Beer of the Week at Half Time. In addition to being a great beer, it comes from a cool, unique brewery run by people who love music. I'm talking about Astoria, Queens' Singlecut.

I was lucky enough to visit this brewery a few weeks ago and try some of their incredibly varied beers; there seems to be no style and no flavor that they can't put their own spin on. Like this week's Beer of the Week, their Jan Olympic White Lagrrr (named for guitar virtuoso Jan Akkerman). When you try this super sessionable and unusually refreshing beer, you might notice a very distinct citrus aroma and flavor. There's a pretty good explanation for this: there are 450 oranges used in each batch.

So what you've got is a crisp, unfiltered offering that turns what you might think about lagers (a style that some beer aficionados unfairly neglect entirely, dismissing it as watery or light in flavor) and turns it on his head. You've never had a lager like this one.

And the best part? As always, it's half-price at Half Time. Get it, grab a guitar, and have yourself a week.