Like everything else in the movie business, trailers chase trends. Somebody does something, that thing becomes a huge hit, and then everyone copies it. That’s particularly evident in the use of music in trailers. For a few years, Inception BRAAAHMS were everywhere. Recently, we’ve been buried beneath an onslaught of trailers with sad versions of pop songs (so many, in fact, I made two different lists of them). Now there’s a new trend: Imagine Dragons.

The hugely popular band has provided the soundtrack to commercials, televisions shows, and so many movie trailers. The biggest movie of the week, Wonder Woman, featured one of their tunes in its final trailer, and a brand new trailer released earlier this week featured perhaps the most random and incongruous use of one of their songs yet. For research purposes (and also because that damn “Warriors” thing is stuck in my head and I want others to share in my misery) here are 11 different trailers from the last couple years that all feature Imagine Dragons music. (If we left one or two out it’s only because there’s so freaking many examples, that we lost track.)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)
Featuring “It’s Time”

Imagine Dragons’ reign of fire on the world of trailer music began with this clip for the 2012 coming-of-age movie. It features the band’s first single, “It’s Time,” an ominous portend of things to come in the world of film advertising.

Thanks for Sharing (2012)
Featuring “Demons”

I had never heard of this movie before today. But it had an Imagine Dragons song in the trailer. (The “blood run stale” line feels kinda apt.) This song felt ubiquitous a few years ago, and I could have sworn it was in a lot of trailers. It did pop up in at least one more ad...

The Words (2012)
Featuring “Demons”

Bradley Cooper’s character in this one passes off a manuscript he finds as his own work, and when the book becomes a success, he is wracked with guilt. You might even say he has ... demons. [drops mic] [closes laptop] [walks outside] [enters spaceship] [leaves Earth] [nukes planet from orbit]

The Host (2013)
Featuring “Radioactive”

I never saw The Host. Was the world literally radioactive in that one? If it was, I’m okay with this pairing.

The Croods (2013)
Featuring “On Top of the World”

Okay, this one works pretty well. Those damn Croods are just so cute. Let’s just move on to the next example.

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar (2014)
Featuring “On Top of the World”

Imagine Dragons have also contributed music to trailers for IMAX movies. Just imagine an island of lemurs. (And also dragons. But mostly lemurs.)

Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)
Featuring “Battle Cry”

In recent years, Imagine Dragon has taken its alliance with the movie industry to the next level, writing songs specifically for movies. Their “Who We Are,” which included references to “District 12,” was on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. And this song, “Battle Cry,” was written for Transformers: Age of Extinction, and then appeared in some of the movie’s marketing. I’ll give them this: “Age of Extinction” does sound like the name of an Imagine Dragons album.

Max (2015)
Featuring “I Bet My Life”

Do all bands have such literal songs that express messages so directly that they line up perfectly with movies like this? Or is that why there are so many trailers with Imagine Dragons songs?

The Divergent Series: Insurgent (2015)
Featuring “Warriors”

Apparently lead vocalist Dan Reynolds repeatedly insisting “don’t turn away now” in this song did not work. Insurgent made $20 million less at the box office than Divergent did, and then Allegiant fell off a cliff, making a little more than half of what Insurgent grossed. The box office is a war, man.

Passengers (2016)
Featuring “Levitate”

A movie about a man basically murdering a woman, and then lying to her about what he did and his motives, featuring an upbeat pop song about falling in love? Sure, sounds great! Can’t think of a more perfect match of subject and song!

Wonder Woman (2017)
Featuring “Warriors”

Maybe I’m crazy, but I think we are being made to believe that Wonder Woman is some kind of warrior.

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)
Featuring “Believer”

If there’s one band that really captures the feeling of a long train ride through 1930s Europe, it’s definitely Imagine Dragons.