Santa Claus

Every year around this time, a Hudson Valley tradition comes to life. Giving gifts to all the good little WRRV listeners out there. It's the return of Santa's Big Fat Sack. But what's the deal?

We'll be looking for caller 10 so be listening for the sounder each weekday at 7 AM and 4 PM. The Morning Grind and Simon will be unwrapping presents for you live on the air.

This year we have all kinds of concert tickets, free music grab bags and even some all new WRRV t-shirts. Plus we'll be putting a few meet and greet passes with Dashboard Confessional in there. Those include guaranteed entry into our next edition of WRRV Sessions on January 23rd.

Thank you for another great year of contests. This will be our last one of the year before we take a week to recharge our batteries. You can expect 2018 to be bigger and better than ever!

Bonus Video: The Grinch Steals The XMAS Tree!