Some professionals make it look easy but interviewing someone is not always as easy as it looks. Interviewing to people ca be even more difficult. Watch as The Strumbellas fight through three minutes of total awkwardness.

It's my opinion that any time you can squeeze the movie, Basic Instinct into a interview it will most likely be gold.

Recently, I got to catch up with WRRV's good friends from the the might north, The Strumbellas. After their amazing set at Mountain Jam 2017, I had a few minutes with Dave (keys, vocals)  and Izzy (violin, vocals) to discuss all kinds of fun things like movies, alien abduction and Norm MacDonald.

You can cut the cringe worthy tension with a knife. Don't worry though. It's all part of my "Worst Interview Ever" series.

It's all fun and games. The artist is not in on the joke. They just think I'm unprepared. It's almost like our version of Punk'd.

No feelings are hurt and we all enjoy a good laugh after worth. Believe me, The Strumbellas love something different than being asked "What's your favorite song?" for the millionth time.