Back in the old days, the local watering hole used to be a place where you can meet new people and have some good conversation. In a world where we are so glued to our smart phones do we ever take the time to get to know our neighbors at the local bar? The bartender used to be a cheaper alternative to a therapist.

As a newcomer to the great state of New York, I've learned far more about interesting local history and sights from talking to that old guy at the end of the bar than I have on any Facebook group.

Do complete strangers talk at bars anymore? If so, what exactly what do they discuss?

According to the Daily Mirror, here are the top three things discussed by bartenders and patrons.

3. TV Shows - "They just don't make them like they used to."

2. Random Thoughts - "I wish they sold Cadbury Eggs all year round."

1. Memories - "Remember the time when Duffy and Mark egged the music teacher's house back in 97'?"

What do you discuss in the bar?

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