Nick and Taylor from the WRRV Morning Grind had a chance to sit down with KALEO before he performed at WRRV Sessions.

Coming fresh off a late-night TV debut with Colbert, KALEO headed up to Newburgh Brewing for the February 2020 edition of WRRV Sessions. Before he rocked the house, The Morning Grind had a chance to sit down with him and chat. You can listen to the full interview below.

Nick got KALEO thinking about what he would do for a living if he wasn't a famous musical. He also asked what performing on Colbert was like. Taylor asked him about his musical influences. KALEO always brings up U.S./U.K. classic rock bands and artists, so Taylor wanted to dive a little deeper. After all, some of his biggest influences, like Morrison and Hendrix, were at the height of their careers at 28, which is the same age as KALEO. After the musical deep dive, Nick and Taylor played a game where KALEO had to guess what song they were whistling. The idea came from the whistle solo in KALEO's newest single "I Want More".

WRRV is getting ready for their next Sessions on Wednesday, March 4, 2020, at Newburgh Brewing with Silversun Pickups. As always, the show is free. Doors are at 4 and the show starts at 6.

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