Runners in the Hudson Valley are going to have to get used to some changes.

It was announced via Facebook that the Walkway Marathon, the annual 26.2 mile race, has been eliminated from the schedule, to be replaced with a series of other races. Rather than the Walkway Marathon, it is now the Walkway Race Series.

The new races will take place on June 9th, and include the Think Differently Dash/Queen City Mile, a Walkway Half Marathon starting at the Marist riverfront, and The College-to-College Five Mile Race, in which contestants race from Dutchess Community College downhill to Marist College.

This is a big change, so anyone coming out specifically for the marathon should know about it ahead of time. It's speculated that summer heat is among the reasons the marathon has been eliminated - most of the new races start in the evening around 5:00, to combat any heating issue.

If you usually run the marathon, are you excited to mix it up? Or should they keep the marathon the way it was?

Bonus Video: WRRV Morning Grind