Have you always wanted to get involved in some sort of physical fitness but felt there just wasn't enough booze in it for you? Some might say you have a profound drinking problem, but fear not, friend: this is no place for judgment. This is the place to find out about the Beer Mile.

So what exactly is the Beer Mile? It's pretty straightforward: I'll let the officials describe it in their own words:

The most common format of the beer mile requires a single participant to drink a full-sized beer, run a quarter mile, then repeat the process three times. This results in the consumption of four beers and the running of four quarter miles (hence the beer mile). The entire process is timed. The total time is often used as a measuring stick of competency.

The latest record was set by 22-year-old Canadian Lewis Kent, who ran the Beer Mile in under 5 minutes. His entire effort was captured here:

Looking at the leaderboards, the United States is barely in the top 5, and no one even comes close to Mr. Kent's recent record. So I say to you, athletes and dreamers:


I would do it myself but, y'know, running.