If you live in the Empire State you most likely spell these words wrong.

The grammar and spelling police just released the most misspelled word in the country. Don't be a statistic and make these mistakes.

Okay, so the grammar police did not release the words but Google Trends did and if you can't trust Google who can you trust?

What words gave you trouble growing up or still do? You'll find a map here at Geek Wire that has all of the common words around the country.

From YourDictionary.com here are the most commonly misspelled words.

9. Acceptable
8. Amateur
7. Jewelry
6. Restaurant
5. Colonel
4. Memento
3. Noticeable
2. Vacuum

Drum Roll…

1. Beautiful

In 2017, do we really need to spell anymore? In the world of Siri and auto correct is it a big thing anymore? If my opinion matters at all, I say no. Let's just let the machines take over. Besides, I read somewhere that you only need to spell the first and last letters correct anyway.

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