Over the weekend it was confirmed to me that there are REALLY bad drivers in New York.

I had the chance to drive on some of the major highways in New York like the 90, the 400, and the 490 and this weekend confirmed to me that there are people who really shouldn't be allowed to drive.

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My son Avry got his license last year and ever since then, I have been on high alert pointing out bad driving techniques to him so that he is a good driver and this weekend not once, not twice, not three times, but 7 times we came across this type of driver on the highways in New York.

It is the person who is going slow in the left lane! Yes...if you drive the speed limit or are not passing and you are in the left lane, you are a bad driver! Driving too slow can cause just as many accidents as driving too fast.

There are even signs all along the thruway and highways saying that slower traffic stay in the right lane. If you don't want to speed, or if you want to drive the speed limit, that is great. Stick to the right lane.

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Several times this weekend we came upon a semi-truck in the right lane going the speed limit and a car in the left lane going the same speed. Not only does it cause a traffic backup but it can be dangerous because people are expecting traffic in the left lane to move faster than the right lane.

So if you are driving on the 90, 190, 490, 690, I-87 or any other major highway wand want to go the speed limit......MOVE TO THE RIGHT!!!

Most of us are going 5-10 miles per hour over, so please be kind and move over and let us pass.

Thank You from Every Driver on the roads in New York.

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