Have you seen people of all ages out riding bicycles? Did you notice if they are regular manual powered bicycles or if they were e-bikes? What is the difference?

Is there anything that you need to know before you purchase an e-bike? As a person who has battled once or twice with a fat bike and mountain trails, I was interested if an e-bike would help me keep up with my trail friends, here's what I found out that everyone needs to know about these bikes, maybe before you buy one?

What is an e-bike? Can you use it just like a regular manual powered bike?

Photo by Gotrax on Unsplash
Photo by Gotrax on Unsplash

You have heard about them, Fat Bikes, Trail Bikes, and E-bikes, which one is the best for you? What is an E-bike? An E-Bike is a bicycle that has a battery assist mode that you can use in addition to regular pedaling. If you are not 100% sure that your legs will have all the staying power that you need to go for a regular ride, or maybe going on a ride that involves a few steep climbs, then a e-bike might be an option.

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What else should you know about e-bikes? How long is a battery for? Are they heavy?

Group of friends ride mountain bike in the forest together

Yes, the e-bikes are heavier than the regular bikes (because of the motor. Are e-bikes less expensive than regular bikes? No, not necessarily. In some cases, the e-bikes are more expensive than regular, and from the site I looked at, they can range in price from $500-$10000. So, they are expensive, but also super heavy, got it!

Is there a learning curve adjusting to the e-bike or is it just 'get on and go?'

Andy Cohen Demonstrates The New Buzz E-Bike
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There is a little bit of a learning curve when you pick up your e-bike before you start riding. Make sure that the bike store goes over everything with you, like how to charge the bike, how to switch from e-mode to manual mode, and what kind of maintenance you will need to do to your bike, before you leave the store. Ask those questions, and also ask if you can come back in a week and ask all the questions that you forgot to ask then.

Where are you riding your e-bike? Are you riding with a group? Let us know. See you on the trails.

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