I recently found this article '27 Things You’re Only Afraid Of If You Live In New York,' well more of a list of pictures, I like pictures over words, they're easier. (Yes, I realize how ironic that statement is as I write these words here.) At first I thought that this would relate to me being from Yonkers and much closer to the city than Poughkeepsie, where I am now. But then I realized that this works for most larger cities and fits in well for Poughkeepsie too.

Of course those odd business cellar doors that are just left open on the side walk are scary and those grates, oh those grates; I always try avoid the grates on the side walk. I'm sure I would survive the fall if the grate would go, but who knows what disease is growing down there in the darkness. Most of these things I have thought about and cringed, but there is one I try to forget, the subway drip, that unknown liquid that drips from the ceiling in subways. Very cringe worthy. You know what I mean if you've ever been dripped upon.

Well, if you plan on going to this city any time soon, check out the list here and watch out for that subway drip.