Have you been thinking about the Tiny House or Tiny Home lifestyle? Have you watched every program, even gone ahead and bought architect plans for your 'dream tiny home?'

Have you taken the next step and actually tried to live in one? While checking out the local Airbnb.com listings, I came upon this particular tiny home. 

According to the listing this particular home has also been built in an organic way which includes the use of only non-toxic materials and all natural materials for the build. If you are looking to plan a get away and have already spent some time looking into the Tiny Home lifestyle, maybe this is for you.

This particular Tiny Home is located in New Paltz, NY so you won't have to go too far from your current home to dwell in it for a few days.


Have you stayed in a Tiny Home before? Have you been wanting to embrace the Tiny House concept?

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