They say necessity is the mother of invention. When your back is against the wall and you're out of options, you'll make do with whatever you've got.

Well, that's now being challenged. I'm starting to think YouTube comments are the mother of invention after seeing this guy put together a video of himself making music using only a bass guitar and mayo--yes, using actual mayonnaise--simply because he was challenged to by a commenter on one of his YouTube videos.

It sounds trite and dorky but a big part of the reason why I work in radio is because of my love of sound; it's just very satisfying to me to notice and emphasize how much the world is enriched by sound. Obviously, music is important, but even things as minor as the clicking of keys on a keyboard or someone's footsteps down the hallway. I'm fascinated by how much sound surrounds us.

That being said, I could never view the world as an endless source of sound possibility the way this guy does.