Trust me, I consider myself a doughnut connoisseur. I love all kinds and I'm not picky but this doughnut takes the deep fried cake.

There's not a doughnut I don't like. I love plain, frosted, jelly filled and even the coveted specialty doughnuts that are seasonal. I'm talking about the really exotic ones.

However, yesterday Brandi told me about the best place in Hudson Valley to grab a doughnut.

I felt like I was in the Hogwarts of culinary schools.

What she told me next shocked me. She said it was at The Culinary Institute of America. My jaw dropped.

"You're taking me to a college for a doughnut?" I asked

"This isn't just any college. Trust me," Brandi replied.

Well, I'm not from here and I had no idea about this school but being the "foodie" that Brandi is, I decided to trust her and give this place and the doughnut a try.

The school was absolutely beautiful with its stone-walled classrooms and stained glass windows. I felt like I was in the Hogwarts of culinary schools. Little did I know about the magic that took place in those classrooms.

We arrived at the cafe. The baked goods counter went on and on with delicious looking pastries. However, my mission was the doughnut.

It was a salted caramel glazed doughnut with crisp coconut shavings on top. I know it was baked by students in the school but it tasted like it was made by angels in Heaven. It had the perfect balance of flavor. it wasn't too sweet and not too salty. Afterward, I didn't  have that looming feeling of "Ugh, I just ate a doughnut".

If you don't believe me go check it out for yourself.

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