We know that New York loves its beers and breweries but what about its mixed cocktails? What is New York's favorite mixed drink? It may or may not surprise you.

I would have thought for sure that New York's most coveted cocktail would be a Manhattan or some sort of martini and it's not a Long Island Iced Tea either. To me, nothing says "New York City" like dirty martini with a few olives in there but I guess I'm not in the majority.

Apparently, I'm clueless though because your favorite drink isn't a martini but it does have vodka in it.

Thrillest has released a list of the most requested mixed drink in every state.


New York's most ordered drink is a Moscow Mule. A Moscow Mule is ginger beer, vodka and a squeeze of lime. It's popularity isn't surprising as it tastes delicious and goes down smoothly. Remember, it's not a real mule unless it's served in a copper cup.