The state of New York is filled with so many great breweries. We have more than a handful here in the Hudson Valley. Find out how you can nominate your favorite to be the best in Upstate.

We've got an opportunity to give a local brewery some well deserved accolades. New York Upstate is holding a competition to see who's got the best spot in Upstate New York. Yes, to some we are considered upstate.

Do you love going out to a brewery every week? Do you have a place that's your spot?


If you'd like to nominate a brewery, tweet the location to @newyorkupstate, using the the hashtag, #BestOfUpstateNY.

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Here are the requirements per New York Upstate:

  • Beer must be made at the brewery.
  • Brewery should have a taproom or tasting room.
  • Any food service will be considered a bonus.

Let's post shout out our local business and take the time to nominate a great Hudson Valley Brewery.