It's hard to imagine attending a high school with annual tuition that costs as much as a 4 year college education, but here it is.

For many of us who grew up going to public school, decent lockers and hot water in the gym locker rooms would have been a luxury. How about if your school had a shooting range, an equestrian center, spas, and a yacht?

How about if it looked like this?

That would be Le Rosey in Geneva, Switzerland. This experience can be yours for a mere $120,000. Yep, an annual fee of over six figures. For high school.

So what types of students have attended this luxury resort of an academic institution?

Shahs of Iran, Kings of Belgium, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, and... Julian Casablancas and Albert Hammond, Jr.

Yessir, the Strokes were formed based on a friendship forged at this crazy-nice over-the-top school. I'll leave you with this video, of guys who went to the most expensive boarding school in the world ironically dressing like they're Downtown NY street urchins from the 1970s: