I was traveling on Route 9 North in Poughkeepsie the other day, just past the Spackenkill exit, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed what looked like a bunch of useless clutter in front of an empty storefront. What was this? Did somebody just dump a bunch of boxes and junk in that parking lot? How could they get away with that? It would take trucks and trucks to get it there.

So, yesterday when I was passing by there with a friend we actually pulled in to check it out. There was a truck and a car there, and not only were there boxes upon boxes of stuff, there was also furniture and toys. And the inside of this building that I thought was empty, was anything but. Is it a giant yard sale? A flea market? A thrift store? What’s going on?

I saw a guy who looked like he belonged there and knew the scoop. He said his name is Frankie Flowers and that all the stuff outside is free. Free? Need a couch? There is one there and it’s free. This so-called mess is actually quite an act of kindness. Free stuff for people who need it, and inside they sell stuff to raise money to help others. 

Frankie does this all in the name of his late father, John Flowers, who was one of the most kind and respected men in the Poughkeepsie area for years. It seems that the apple does not fall far from the tree. If you know someone in need, let them know about this. And if you pass it and think that it’s a big mess, think again. Not everything is as it seems.

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