March obviously means St. Patrick's Day, and that means Shamrock Shakes are back. McDonald's came up with a brand new app to help you find the nearest Shamrock Shake.

The Shamrock Shake Finder app lets you narrow down to your exact city where you can get a Shamrock Shake at McDonald's. First, you select what state you're in, then what city.

After that, you pick which location you would like to get a shake at. You can then set a reminder to get a shake, at said location. Either noon or 6 p.m. is your reminder options. And then wa-la, you found the nearest Shamrock Shake!

The app also has super fun stickers to use on pictures, like the one featured in this post. There are stickers of a Shamrock Shake with each day of the week listed on it. So if you're a 24/7 Shamrock Shake person, you're all set. You can also share where you're getting a shake, so everyone knows how much you love St. Patrick's and Shamrock Shakes.

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