Slowly but surely I am embracing the idea of cocktails and interesting "mixology" or whatever, thanks to my co-host Brandi's tastes in the fancier aspects of gastronomy. But there's a certain level of effort that I'm just not willing to cross in order to enjoy a cocktail.

Can I pour booze, a couple of ingredients, and then stir or shake it? Okay, I'm probably in (until they start including weird fresh herbs that you can only find during an especially rainy springtime in the forests of Botswana or whatever).

Once I feel like I need Bill Nye or Neil DeGrasse Tyson explain to me how to make it a certain way and why, then I'm out. But I'm a sucker for other people making them and getting to watch them put the effort in. Like in this cool video featuring a smoke bomb made of ice (!).

Who knows? Maybe you'll see something this impressive when we host the next Spirit Society event.