Growing up in Western New York, you learn everything about Buffalo. What makes the people who live here tick, where to go for great food (and there's a lot of places), and fun things to do for entertainment.

I always get a kick of reviews of Western New York from people who visit Buffalo for the first time. Yeah, we hear the stereotypical, "oh it snows there all the time and is so cold" stuff, but usually, that comes from people who have A) never been here before or B) have spent a very small amount of time in Buffalo.

One review of Buffalo took off on Twitter at the beginning of the month and it made many people scratch their heads.

NHL content writer and podcast host Pete Blackburn was visiting Buffalo two weekends ago and gave his honest assessment of the Queen City.

He called Buffalo the "weirdest and most confusing city he's ever been to."

The reason for this? According to Blackburn, it's because he was in the downtown area of Buffalo, and well, "where was everyone?"

Living in Buffalo my whole life, and being to other cities, I actually get why someone would say this.

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People explained to him in the Twitter thread that locals usually spend time on the weekends anywhere BUT downtown. People go to Canalside, the Elmwood Village, or out in the suburbs such as Hamburg, East Aurora, and Williamsville.

The downtown area is usually (other than a big event) dead on the weekends, whereas it's fairly bustling Monday-Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

I can't say this review of Buffalo is wrong. I've been to other cities and the downtown area is the main place people go for fun on the weekends. Buffalo isn't your everyday U.S. city and to be honest, I love that about us.

Let's keep it a secret.

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