Three well known Hudson Valley colleges have been named by Conde Nast Traveler as having some of the most beautiful campuses in all of America. In all, nine New York colleges and universities were selected out of the 50 chosen.

The United States Military Academy at West Point was founded in March of 1802 and is without a doubt, one of America's most beautiful college campuses. Consisting of more than 16,000 acres, it was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1960. You're not going to find many views that can compare to that of Trophy Point, which offers sweeping views of the Hudson River and was the previous site of graduation ceremonies until classes got too large.

West Point
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The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park has one of American's most beautiful campuses. The school got its start in New Haven Connecticut and when it came time to find a new home, this former Jesuit owned property was the right fit. The signature building on campus, Roth Hall was named for co-founder Roth Hall.


Bard College in Annandale-On-Hudson isn't just the birthplace of Steely Dan. They're a highly respected liberal arts college on the banks of the Hudson River. They're well known as having a diverse student population while the curriculum encourages entrepreneurship and civic engagement. In 2016 Bard purchased a neighboring estate bring the campus to approximately 1,000 acres.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here's a look at the other New York Colleges and Universities mentioned by Conde Nast Traveler as having some of the most beautiful campuses in America. For the full list, you can click HERE.

  • Colgate University
  • Columbia University
  • New York University
  • Siena College
  • SUNY Geneseo
  • Syracuse University

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