The Hudson Valley is home to several of the safest towns to live in all of New York State according to a new study. Yorktown, Carmel, and Hyde Park were all inside the top 10 safest large towns according to Value Penguin.

But who the hell is Value Penguin? According to their website, they are a personal finance site that conducts in-depth research to help consumers make better decisions with their time and money.

To reach their conclusions, Value Penguin used FBI data from 2014 (which is the most recent data available). Towns with fewer than 5,000 people were excluded and the report includes crimes like burglary, theft, motor vehicle crime and arson.

While there are many safe places to live in the area, Newburgh ranked near the bottom at #207. Only Rochester, Niagara Falls and Buffalo fared worse. Middletown landed at #183 while Poughkeepsie can be found at #193. Link up with ValuePenguin for the full list.