A TikToker visiting the Hudson Valley made a point to say he had an 'uneasy feeling" when seeing so many American and Blue Lives Matter flags near Poughkeepsie, New York. Then went on to mention some people believe the American flag is the new Confederate flag.

The American flag is supposed to represent something to make us all proud to live in the USA. Not everyone feels that way. TikToker, Ron Dawson posted a video a week ago that has gotten a lot of attention. Dawson claimed he was near Poughkeepsie and wasn't comfortable being in a place that had so many visible American and Thin Blue Line flags visible.

According to the video, he didn't seem to feel at ease until he made it to Hudson, New York and saw Pride flags hanging from buildings.

The controversial video has been viewed over 200,000 times which has made this one of the most successful on the page. It has even recieved over 4,000 comments and 55,000 likes.

@blerdronner A tale of two flags. #AmericanFlag vs #PrideFlag#blerdronner♬ Macho Man - Silver Disco Explosion
Even after the backlash Dawson doubled down and made a follow up video defending the original.
@blerdronner Replying to @maeadamson4 you don’t have to be gay to hang a #PrideFlag. Or black to hang a #BLMflag. #lgbtqally #blmally #blacklivesmattter #americanflag #indigenoustiktok #blerdronner ♬ Battle Hymn of the Republic - Americana Ensemble

On Dawson's page it states that the account is mostly satire. It's unclear if this person was trying to make a joke or if they really feel uneasy in areas proudly waving the American flag.

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