The Federal Trade Commission has just released the top consumer complaints of 2015. To no ones surprise the top ten nationwide consumer complaints, according to an FTC release are:

Debt Collection897,65529 percent
Identity Theft490,22016 percent
Imposter Scams353,77011 percent
Telephone and Mobile Services275,7549 percent
Prizes, Sweepstakes and Lotteries140,1365 percent
Banks and Lenders131,8754 percent
Shop-At-Home and Catalog Sales96,3633 percent
Auto-Related Complaints93,9173 percent
Television and Electronic Media47,7282 percent
Credit Bureaus, Information Furnishers and Report Users43,9391 percent



Locally in Ulster County, according to the Ulster County Attorney’s Division of Consumer Affairs the following are the top complaints:

1. Home improvement/construction
2. Professional services including billing, contracts
3. Retail sales & service (including warranties)
4. Mail fraud (fake checks, sweepstakes, lotteries)
5. Credit/Banking/Other finance/Identity theft

The Federal Trade Commission was established in 1914 to prevent unfair methods of competition in commerce. There overall goal, according to their mission statement is to protect consumers and maintain positive business competition.