With Halloween less than two weeks away, Netflix has published their annual list of Halloween movies that they think everyone should watch. Do you agree?

Here are just a few that you might not find too scary:

  • Gremlins: A movie from 1984 that reminds you why you should never feed little furry monsters after midnight.
  • ET. Elliott. Ell eee ot. The movie that launched the career of Drew Barrymore and had everyone eating Reeses pieces.
  • The Addams Family. The re-do of the classic TV show. The movie features Anjelica Houston, Roul Julia, Christopher Lloyd and Christina Ricci. Fun and campy, worth the watch or re-watch.
  • The Corpse Bride. A stop action film, that finds a groom in a very awkward situation, right before his wedding day.
  • Coraline, based on Neil Gaiman's book. This is a movie, where you do not have to read the book before you see the movie.

Do you like Halloween movies that are scary or just have a Halloween theme?