Strong storms are possibly hitting the Hudson Valley later this afternoon.

The last few weeks have been a doozy, weather-wise, across the Hudson Valley. Weeks later and parts of the mid-Hudson region are still dealing with the after-effects of Hurricane Ida.

Ida's wrath caused flooding and damage all across the Hudson Valley. In nearby New Jersey, 2 tornados also touched down leaving a path of devastation. Bridges, homes, and backyards were a mess after the early September storm. Unfortunately, the storm also took the lives of 19 New Yorkers. 

With that being said,  Hudson Valley residents have been on high alert when severe weather is in the forecast. The National Weather Service in Albany is warning that there may be some severe weather heading our way Wednesday afternoon and evening.

According to a Tweet, the NWS reports "Severe thunderstorms still appear likely this afternoon and evening. Damaging winds will be the main threat, though some hail or a brief tornado will also be possible."

The Tweet puts several parts of the Hudson Valley under the marginal threat of severe weather.

The National Weather Service also explains that thunderstorms can escalate quickly. In a photo shared by the NWS from Weather.Gov, there are a few ways to prepare. There are 4 easy suggestions to keep in mind before severe weather strikes:

  • Set up weather alerts on your phone.
  • When alerted about a strong storm, find a sturdy building immediately.
  • Stay away from windows once inside.
  • If a building isn't nearby, get inside a vehicle.

As for a time when the severe weather will be active, Spectrum News Meteorologist Heather Morrison tweeted "12 PM to 9 PM is the window of time when things get active first from the North Country to the Hudson Valley later."

We'll keep you updated on the expected severe weather throughout the day and through our mobile app.

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