A town a stone's throw away from the Hudson Valley was built on top of a volcano!

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There are three volcanic sites in the United States. Two are quite far from the Hudson Valley, being Texas and Arkansas. But one is very close to many Orange County residents.

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Colesville, New Jersey is home to a volcanic site called Rutan Hill, 94.3 The Point reports.


Colesville in Wantage Township is in Sussex County, New Jersey. It's actually very close to many parts of Orange County, including Port Jervis, Sparrowbush and Deerpark, according to Google Maps.

It's also not far from the Delaware River and the Hawk's Nest.

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The Hawk's Nest is a stunning road in the Hudson Valley that's been featured in many commercials.

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The New Jersey volcano is named the Beemerville Volcano but is more commonly known as Rutan Hill. The volcano was formed over 440 million years ago, The Digest Online reports.

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Kevin Hurler writes the following for The Digest Online about the formation of New Jersey's volcano:

A massive explosion annihilated the surface, emitting clouds of gas and shards of rock that rained down on the land below. When the smoke cleared, all that remained of the armageddon was a hole in the ground. This all occurred over 440 million years ago, and it’s how Beemerville Volcano in New Jersey was formed.

Rutan Hill's elevation is just over 1,020 feet. Thankfully the volcano has been dormant for millions of years.


A Sussex County historian believes it last erupted 360 million years ago, according to New Jersey 101.5.

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