Why wait until October 31st to start dressing up and grabbing candy? One of the first trunk-or-treat events of the year has been announced in Newburgh, NY... more than a week before Halloween.

Trunk or Treat in the Hudson Valley, NY

Trunk-or-treat events have become a massively popular option in the Hudson Valley for numerous reasons. It's convenient for parents of small children that can't walk the traditional house-to-house neighborhood journey as well as those (like me) who don't live near enough houses to make actually trick-or-treating worth it. It also addresses several safety concerns.

Tetiana Soares/Seventy Four via Canva
Tetiana Soares/Seventy Four via Canva

Trunk or Treat in Newburgh, NY

Trunk-or-treat events help kids avoid walking down busy streets with speeding cars, or even knocking on strangers doors. Trunk-or-treats are also a great way for the local community to gather together and have some festive fun. Here's the info for the upcoming event in Newburgh, NY.


Chadwick Lake Park Trunk or Treat 2022

Chadwick Lake park recently announced their annual trunk-or-treat event in Newburgh, NY. The park entrance is located at 1702 Route 300 in the town of Newburgh, NY. Check-in for children begins at 6pm on October 21st, 2022, here are the registration details.

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Trunk or Treat Registration

Trunk-or-treat is open for children aged 2-12 and parents are already clamoring to register. Newburgh residents can register their trunk-or-treaters here, but keep in mind that an account is required for registration.

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