I was hosting a karaoke event at Junior's Lounge in Poughkeepsie and my friends at Dutchess Beer were there. I love them, plenty of T-shirts and other swag to give away really makes it more fun for patrons of the local night life.

Whenever I work with them I usually make it a point to try one of their beverages that I've never had before. Low and behold I discovered a beer that never peeked my interest until its taste lightly stimulated my taste buds. After one sip, I realized that I LOVE STELLA ARTOIS!

Spending my adult career predominately in bars, I'm no stranger to world of alcohol. It wasn't until my late 20s that I started to drinking darker ales, stouts and the like. They usually have a good taste and are higher in alcohol content then the average lager. I was shocked to discover that Stella has over 5% alcohol by volume.

I'm going to have to be careful though, this is a very light tasting beer with an above average ABV. Might be the easiest beer to drink for me but I promise to enjoy it responsibly.