Have you ever struggled to find the absolute perfect wrapping paper to go with that awesome gift you bought for someone, or to compliment a great gag gift?  Fear not, we've found just the thing for you....personalized wrapping paper with your face on it.

That's right.  YOUR OWN FACE!


For those who want to take this in a more serious direction, you could upload your child or pet photos for some good ol' fashion family fun.  For us jokesters, go ahead and find your most obnoxious selfie, upload it to this siteand easy as that, the best wrapping paper EVER.

I can hear the comments in my head from some of my friends (and probably family members too) about how ridiculous it is that I spent money getting my smiling face printed on Christmas wrapping paper, but I think it just might be worth it.

Imagine the office holiday party, or one of those secret snowflake gift swaps and whoever you were lucky enough to pick receiving their gift with your face plastered on it - classic!

Just make sure to order by 12/21 to receive your paper in time for Christmas morning.

senior man taking selfie on smartphone
Getty Images/iStockphoto/ LightFieldStudios