A bacteria commonly found in the fecal matter of birds is a suspect for recent beach closures at two of Lake George's most popular beaches. While the DEC continues to search for an official cause, both Million Dollar Beach and Dog Beach have re-opened. Levels of coliform and E. Coli have fallen within acceptable levels while testing continues daily.

The Times Union reports tests taken Saturday came back Monday afternoon and the decision was made to allow people back in the water. This is the second beach closure this month with the initial closure lasting just two days. This second shutdown began on the 23rd and lasted nearly a week.

According the Department of Health, coliform bacteria while relatively harmless itself, is an indicator of recent fecal contamination. So it's not something you want to mess around with. It's found in the fecal matter of humans and animals.

Another upstate New York lake was affected by a similar problem earlier this summer. They fixed the situation by installing a sound system that prevented the birds from relieving themselves in the lake. A little bird poop shouldn't tarnish Lake George's status as one of America's most beautiful lakes.