PARENTS: Check your freezer as you may have a contaminated bag of dinosaur-shaped nuggets hiding in there.

A meal that has become a staple in many households has been recalled by one of the biggest brand names that sells frozen chicken.

It's easy for people to judge parents who serve their kids dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets for dinner. Many do judge until they have kids of their own and realize how difficult it is to find food that a toddler enjoys and eats consistently. Kids love chicken nuggets and many parents rely on serving them to their children at least once a week or more.

Which Tyson Product Was Recalled?

According to a press release from the company's website, Tyson recalled close to 30,000 pounds of fully cooked chicken Fun Nuggets that were sold to retailers. Tyson reports that the recall only pertains to the 29-ounce packages and that no other Tyson brand products are affected by the massive recall.

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The affected products have codes 2483BRV02 07, 2483BRV02 08, 2483BRV02 09 and 2483BRV02 10. The establishment code P7211 and they will have a "best if used by" date of September 4, 2024.

Why Were They Recalled?

Some customers who have purchased the nuggets found small metal pieces in the nuggets. The company recalled this product earlier in November.

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