Friday March 4, 2016 the State Police based out of Kingston NY entered 10 businesses while conducting an underage drinking imitative. The State Police was looking to see if those businesses (convenience stores and liquor stores) were conducting proper sales of alcohol with the help of an underage female in the towns of Rosendale, Ulster, Marbletown, Kingston, Olive, and Woodstock.

From the 10 establishments that the police entered trying to make purchases, five resulted in arrests.

According to a press release, arrests were made at the following convenience stores:

  • Speedway Convenience Store, 416 Route 28, Town of Ulster
  • Citgo Convenience Store, Route 32, Town of Rosendale
  • Sunoco Gas Station, 4131 Route 28, Town of Olive
  • Sunoco Gas Station, 555 Route 28, Town of Kingston
  • Mobil Convenience Store, 1146 Route 32, Town of Rosendale

What can you use as proof age when buying alcohol? Here is the exact wording from the New York State Liquor Authority website:

What is acceptable proof of age to purchase alcohol in New York State? The following documents can be accepted as proof of age for the purchase of alcoholic beverages: (a) A valid driver's license or non-driver identification card issued by: New York State; the Federal Government; any State Government within the United States; the District of Columbia; any Commonwealth, Possession or Territory of the United States; or a Provincial Government of Canada; (b) a valid U.S. passport; (c) a valid passport of any other country; or (d) a valid military ID from the U.S.

College identifications, employee identification cards or any other form of identification not listed above cannot be accepted as the primary proof of age, but can be used as a secondary means to verify the identity of the person.